Applying the Daytrana Patch

Applying Daytrana Is as Easy as Peel, Place, and Press

Before You Apply Daytrana

  • Make sure the patch is not defective or damaged in any way. You should not store Daytrana® in the refrigerator or freezer
  • If the patch is damaged, discard the patch according to the instructions provided below, and apply a new one to your child's skin
  • Make sure skin is clean, dry, and cool without any powder, oil, or lotion. Make sure that no cuts or irritations appear on the application site

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Where to Apply Daytrana

  • Apply the patch to the hip area once each day. (Avoid the waistline, since clothing may cause the patch to rub off)
  • You should alternate the hip on which the patch is worn every day to reduce potential irritation. Try not to use the same application site on either hip for several days. For example, if the patch is worn on the right hip on Day 1, apply the patch to the left hip on Day 2, the right hip on Day 3, and so on
  • Make sure there is no redness, small bumps, or itching at the site where the patch is going to be applied

How to Apply Daytrana

  • When you're ready to apply Daytrana, carefully cut open the pouch containing the patch with scissors and remove the patch
  • Look at the patch to make sure it is not damaged. (Do not use patches that have been cut or damaged in any way.) The patch should separate easily from the protective liner. Throw away the patch if the protective liner is hard to remove
  • Hold the patch with the protective liner facing you—the word "Daytrana" will appear backwards since you are looking at the back of the patch
  • Gently bend the patch along the faint line, and slowly peel half the liner to expose the sticky surface underneath. (Try to avoid touching the sticky part with your fingers. If you do touch it, wash your hands immediately after application)
  • Place the sticky side of the patch firmly into place on the hip and smooth it down
  • While holding the sticky side down, gently fold back the other half and slowly peel off the remaining protective liner
  • Press the entire patch firmly into place with your palm. Press for about 30 seconds. This ensures good adhesion of the patch to the skin. Go over the edges with your fingers to make sure that it's well placed and secure
  • Wash your hands immediately after applying the patch

How to Remove Daytrana

When you remove the patch, peel it off slowly. Fold the used Daytrana patch in half so that the sticky side sticks to itself. Flush the used Daytrana patch down the toilet, or if you have a septic tank, dispose of it in a lidded trash receptacle.

If any adhesive residue remains on your child's skin after removing the patch, gently rub the area with oil or lotion to remove the adhesive from the skin.

Any unneeded or expired Daytrana patches should be disposed of properly. Remove leftover patches from their protective pouches, peel off the protective liners, and fold the sticky sides together. Then flush the patches down the toilet, or if you have a septic tank, throw away in a lidded trash receptacle.

Wash your hands immediately after handling the patch.

Do not flush the pouches or the protective liners down the toilet. These items should be properly thrown away in a lidded trash receptacle.

Proper disposal is important since the patch still contains medication that could be harmful to small children or pets if they touch or consume it.

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Patches should not be reapplied with bandages, tape, or other household adhesives. Also, do not use hair dryers, heating pads, electric blankets, or other heat sources directly on the patch.

If you have to replace a patch that has fallen off, the total wear time for the first and second patch should not be more than a total of 9 hours in 1 day. Do not reapply the same patch that fell off.

Apply the patch to one hip on even days of the month and to the other hip on odd days. Use the Medication Tracking Calendar to keep track. The Medication Tracking Guide can also help you make sure that every patch has been used and that none are missing.

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